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This site is designed to help the bar taker more easily discern what the best mbe questions are to practice for the bar exam.

There aren’t too many real resources to help bar takers outside of review courses so I hope to establish MBEPracticeQuestions.com as a good one.

I’m Kris Rivenburgh, creator of this site and author of The Bar Exam is Easy, and I try to help bar takers with preparing for the bar exam when possible.

If you have a question you can’t find an answer to, you can message me on Facebook, and hopefully I can point you in the right direction.

If you have a review on a workbook, please leave a comment on this site or my Facebook page so others can benefit from your experience.

I passed the bar exam 5 years ago so it always helps to get new updates and info from students who are taking the bar in the present.

As for practicing the MBE, I highly recommend you pull questions from at least two sources so you’re not totally screwed if one of your workbooks doesn’t have the right questions.

The wrong questions are too easy and won’t adequately prepare you for the bar.

The right ones are difficult and usually multi-layered and/or designed to trick you. These are the type that make up the lion share of the 200 multistate questions on the exam.

I recommend you put the most study time into practicing in excess of 1,500 questions, preferably 2,000+.

No matter what state you’re in, the MBE portion of the exam is the biggest factor in your score and there is no partial credit so it’s critical that you practice consistently.

Strategies & Tactics for the MBE (Emanuel Bar Review) 6th Edition is a good workbook to start with despite being flawed.